Yet another Internet of Things Malware

Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT), the term given to all our gadgets that are connect to the internet.  Webcams, to smartwatches, to medical devices and home appliances, all are IoT devices.  While IoT devices makes our day to day lives easier, it may be vulnerability.  IoT devices are often overlooked when it comes to security, as a result they can be more vulnerable to malware.

The “Reaper” or “IoTroop” malware has been silently spreading across the internet.  Reaper is a malware that currently finds and exploits vulnerabilities in IoT devices for an unknown purpose.  A million devices or more could be already affected.  The code doesn’t seem to be done yet, but a silent storm is slowly forming.  What the exact purpose is or will be is not yet known.  It appears it is allowed to spread while the final purpose continues to be worked on.

A Real Danger

Reaper stands out in the number of connected devices, and especially relevant, the rate of growth.  Should the whole network band together for a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), it would be the largest ever seen.  Used to target the right infrastructure, it could create major outages across the internet.  The exact purpose remains unknown, and a DDoS attack at such a scale remains the most dangerous course of action.

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