Windows and Android Trojan Recruiting IoT devices for New Botnet

Security researchers have found new malware that installs on your Windows and Android devices, scans for IoT devices, logs into them, and installs the Mirai botnet code on them.  The Mirai malware was responsible for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in late 2016 that temporarily ground parts of the internet to a halt.  This looks to be the first case of Windows based malware designed to specifically target IoT devices.

When installed the malware connects to a command and control server to download any updates then scans the network the infected Windows system is connected to looking for IoT devices.  When it finds an IoT device it attempts to log into it using default usernames and passwords.  If it is successful after it logs into the IoT device it installs the Mirai malware into the IoT device rendering it under the Hostile Hacker’s control.



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