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Ignore the FUD and hype with Protocol 46 Composite Cyber Risk Score Reporting customized to your organization, industry, and compliance needs.

According to a recent survey, which industry has been deemed the least prepared for ransomware attacks?

The Protocol 46 Nimble Feather can find devices on your network that are using easy to compromise encryption.

The MD5 algorithm is a secure method for encrypting data.

Protocol 46 service and systems are based on industry and NIST standards. 

The acronym CIA corresponds to what in the cybersecurity industry?

Bonus Question!

What spaceship was not in the Alien movies?
The Protocol 46 Stonewall Aegis Boundary Defense System can protect your organization's communications with next generation VPN and DNS protection.

What is a VPN?
Protocol 46 Cyber Security Techs (CSTs) are real people based in the US.  Access to CSTs is part of our service offering making sure you have help every step of the cybersecurity journey.

What port does ping work over?

Bonus Question!

What did the bowl of petunias think when it saw Arthur Dent?

Bonus Question!

Set in the year 2517, what space drama TV series follows the adventures of the renegade crew of the spaceship Serenity?
Protocol 46 makes sense of threat information by turning it into actionable intel your organization can put to work

Winnti Umbrella is the name for:
Did you know:  Protocol 46 Cyber Security Sensor Mesh could have detected and blocked this traffic even before it was a known attack.

What could UDP SNMP traffic directed at port 161/162 of a network-device be an indicator of?
Know your Composite Cyber Risk Score as day to day events in cybersecurity or your network changes.  Other cybersecurity companies don't have the 24/7/365 coverage Protocol 46 has.

Risk management helps you do all of the followings except:
Protocol 46 easily integrates into your network and help automate security checks reducing your cost while increasing your security.

A timely review of system access records would be an example of which basic security function?
Not sure about a regulation or policy?  A Protocol 46 Cyber Security Tech (CST) is available to contact with your questions as part of our service.

An exchange engineer is trying to determine how long to retain emails. Which would not determine record retention requirements for emails?

Bonus Question!

What is the name of the Wookie home world?

Bonus Question!

What is The Doctor's Home planet?