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Defense in Depth

Nimble Feather

Computer Vulnerability Assessments & Network Protection

Protocol 46™’s C-STAR team offers assessments of client security vulnerabilities. Assessments will be conducted through non-exploitative scans for cyber security. A non-exploitive scan is one that does not attempt to exploit a vulnerable system to determine security risk. This type of scan looks for weaknesses that a system may have that an attacker could exploit. On a limited basis and for additional cost, Penetration Testing (PEN TEST) may also be done at the request of the client, though these assessments are considered exploitive and run higher risks.

Razor Wire - Upcoming Innovation

Intruder Detection

Razor Wire is a plug-and-play device that is designed to serve as the tripwire in a Defense in Depth strategy. Razor Wire monitors the network for hostile network activity and alerts Protocol 46 ™ and the client when compromised hosts or internal person trying to hack the network are detected.

Picket Fence - Upcoming Innovation

Wi-Fi Protection

The Picket Fence network device is designed to be plug-and-play, requiring limited technological knowledge by the end user. Picket Fence actively provides defense from hostile actors on the client’s wireless network and provides notification of unauthorized access points or devices.

Titanium Castle

Endpoint Protection  

Titanium Castle protects devices that are on and off the network with Anti-Malware Behavioral Analysis, Network Use Scanner, Content Control, Anti-Phishing, and Firewall, and can manage and monitor mobile devices. Titanium Castle is our white label for license of a third party software.

Stonewall Aegis

Threat Identification and Mitigation  

Stonewall Aegis is adaptive and intelligent software that provides network and data loss prevention. Unlike current firewalls, Aegis learns what is normal on the client network. When new traffic is detected Aegis will determine if the new traffic is hostile or not. Aegis also prevents unauthorized data downloads from the client network.

Education & Training Services


Educating business owners and their employees regarding the risks of cybercrime and espionage as well as providing them the basics in understanding what hacking attempts look like, how to recognize them, and what to do about them, and providing testing evaluation services. More advanced includes random surveying, testing, evaluation, and remediation training as required by the client’s leadership team.

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