Prevention is Good, but Are You Also Ready for Detection?

Prevention cyber defenseThe Focus on Prevention

Cyber criminals and cyber threats are always evolving.  For many businesses cyber defenses focus purely on prevention, stopping an attack from happening.  While this is good, often it is just not enough.  The reality is that in a more and more complex cyber world it can be nearly impossible to prevent everything.  When a breach does happen are you prepared?

Rising Costs

Unfortunately for too many businesses, the answer is no.  When asked, 57% of companies believe a security breach will happen at some point to them, but 63% of IT departments are uncertain of how to respond should a breach occur.  The only thing worse than a cyber attack, is one that continues ongoing in your systems.  If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s also expensive.  Taking more than a week to identify a breach that occurred can cause more damage, and increase the cost nearly threefold.

The best defenses involve, prevention, people that understand cyber threats, and a process in place for dealing with any threats that occur, all of which is provided by Protocol 46.  Cyber defense just doesn’t stop at prevention anymore, the reality is constant monitoring is needed to find and stop threats.  It’s no longer a matter of if, but when a cyber actor gains entry to systems.  Having a team that understands the signs and how to remove it is now necessary.

If you need help with a more proactive production, contact Protocol 46 today.

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