Philips Hue Smart Lighting Systems Vulnerable to Malware Attack

The Philips Hue wireless lighting systems available at the Apple Store and other places are vulnerable to malicious code that essential turns the lights off for good.  Security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani has published a paper and YouTube video that describes the steps of the attack and shows the attack working.

The owner of a Philips Hue lighting system only needs to browse to a web site that has the hostile code (as seen in the video) and then the lighting system goes into a denial of service mode blacking out the lights and rendering the Philips Hue controller a nice shiny brick.

This brings into question the security of other smart devices such as home thermostats and security systems…

The video can be seen here:
The paper can be downloaded from Protocol46 at:Hacking Lighbulbs Hue Dhanjani 2013
or from Dhanjani at:


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