Millions of Spam Emails Sent by Largest Botnet

Malware too tough to die

It’s been around for a long time, since early 2012, and it’s attacking in force once again.  Called Necurs, it is now possibly the largest active botnet.  Botnets expand to secretly takeover target devices allowing a master device to take control.  With over five million zombies (the term for infected devices in a botnet), it has a significant capability for attack.

From credential stealing to cryptoware

In this new wave of attacks, Necurs is using its zombie army to send a mass of spam emails. The emails are containing attachments infected with the Scarab ransomware.  Scarab is a new ransomware that encrypts all of the user’s files until a ransom is paid.  When a user clicks on the infected attachment, Scarab will automatically attack the computer.  In this new wave of attacks Necurs has used its massive network to send millions of infected spam emails.  Necurs sent over twelve million spam emails in just six hours.

How to stay safe

There are several ways a user can defend against such threats.  The best advice is think before you click.  If an email or website popup makes you feel unsure, go with that instinct and don’t click on any links that you are unsure off.  From a technical perspective a good first line of defense is an adaptive spam and malware filter provided by Protocol 46.  Our spam and malware filter blocks spam and uses multiple anti-virus/malware scanners to prevent this garbage from ever getting through.   Finally stay up to date on the latest threats and follow Protocol 46 on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news on the cyber fight.

Post by Remote Process