Massive Amount of Data Found on Dark Web

The Dark Web

A dark web monitoring firm called 4iQ has discovered a mass of data on the dark web.  In simple terms the dark web is areas of the internet that are not indexed by search engines and so need special ways to reach the site.  It is also much harder to track people on the dark web, making illegal activity easier.  The data discovered contains over 1.4 billion login credentials.  The data is unique in that it is currently the largest aggregated collection of data that has been found yet.  This data comes in a plain text file and is  organized by being alphabetized.  This allows for easy searches of the data.

A chief concern, is what may be accessed beyond just what is in this data.  Many users use the same password across platforms.  This could lead to a password in this list being used for something more damaging such as a bank.  It is good cyber security practice to never use the same password for multiple sites.  Consider developing a system to create relevant but different passwords for yourself across multiple systems to prevent a situation where one data breach can impact your entire online presence.

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