Electronic Devices At Olympics Getting Hacked Moments After Being Turned On

Reports are surfacing from news outlets and the U.S. State Department that electronic devices are compromised moments after being powered on at the Olympics.

Russia operates an information collection and surveillance system called System for Operative Investigative Activities or SORM.  This allows the FSB (the special police formally known as the KGB) to conduct search and surveillance on basically any communication or electronic device.

It has been reported that the FSB has set up addition SORM equipment in and around the 2014 Winter Olympics.

In addition to SORM is the threat of hackers operating in Russia that are interested in stealing personal and financial information for profit.

Best practice when traveling to Russia (or any other foreign country) is to take disposable, sterile devices that can be wiped or actually disposed of upon return.

From NBC News:

State Department Warning:

US-CERT Security Tip (ST14-001)

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