Dangers of Second Hand Gadgets

Second Hand, Could it be Tampered With?

Beware of the deal too good to be true when it comes to internet connected devices.  For many things buying second hand is a great way to get a deal.  When it comes to your internet devices you should be a little more careful.  A compromised device will look no different than a good device; but, it could cause a lot of damage.

A skilled hacker could easily tamper with many devices from a distance; but, it’s even easier to tamper with when you have it in your possession.  After adding bad code, the device can be resold to an unsuspecting buyer.  There could be a few motives to do this.  One, the device can steal information and send it back to the hacker.  A second reason could be as an entry point to gain access to the rest of your network.  Finally, it could be another device to add to a massive internet device attack called a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

The easiest way to keep yourself safe from this kind of issue is to only buy from trusted suppliers.  While a second hand deal might look good, when it comes to internet devices play it safe.

Post by Remote Process