Chinese Hacking Team APT1 Caught Hacking Fake Water Plant

The hacking group that was identified by Mandiant in February 2013 (see has been caught attacking a fake water treatment plant that was set up by Kyle Wilhoit of Trend Micro.  The attacks began in late 2012 and involved not only Chinese Cyber Actors but also Russian Cyber Actors.

When interviewed by the MIT Technology Review, Wilhoit expressed that he didn’t think a probable nation state hacker group would go after some small town water plant but the hostile actors were very deliberate in their actions.  Wilhoit stated, “I actually watched the attacker interface with the machine.  It was 100 percent clear they knew what they were doing.”

This research represents clear evidence that probable nation state hostile actors are both interested in and actively targeting U.S. critical infrastructure.

The full article can be found on the MIT Technology Review at:

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