Threat Info

Cyber-attacks against small and medium businesses occur across the United States every day.  These attacks are often rehearsals and capability tests that act as precursors to attempted incursions into a multi-national network.

Secure Your Network

Protocol 46™ is the premier military-grade cyber security provider for American businesses with data at risk for cyber theft. We provide clients with products that ensure in-depth protection from cyber security threats.

Up To Date Reporting

Our system provides real time cyber security issue reporting.  Knowing what is at risk allows your organization to quickly remediate the issues before they become a hacker's breach point. Our system stands out among the rest, as it provides real time cyber security issues reporting.

Cyber security solutions for medium and small-sized businesses

Welcome to Protocol 46

At Protocol 46™, we are dedicated to providing enterprise-class cyber security to everyday businesses at an affordable price.

We are a veteran owned and operated company with the majority of our board members and advisors having served in our Nation’s Armed Forces. At Protocol 46™, we have over 150 years’ cumulative experience in cyber security, software development, and intelligence.

We are a Cyber Security Testing, Assessment and Response Team (C-START) service company with the ultimate goal of protecting medium and small-sized American businesses by providing military grade cyber security solutions.

Who needs Cyber Security?

Financial Services

These institutions store large amounts of data including PII and bank account information.  This information is of high value on the black market as it provides identification information and potential direct access to bank accounts.

Legal Services

These businesses also have large amounts of PII as well as confidential client information stored on their networks. Additionally these businesses already understand the risk that they are facing in the event a breach should occur.

HIPAA Compliant Providers

These clinics and hospitals are required by law to safeguard all HIPAA data.  Many have transitioned to a cloud based storage system in an attempt to secure their data, but have not looked at their individual networks and how best to secure their access to this cloud.


The data stored by education organizations, both public and private, encompass some of the most highly sought after data on the dark web.  PII data for minors is considered the most valuable information due to the fact that if the information is stolen and utilized, the victim will not realize their identity was stolen until years later.


Insurance is a key target for cybercriminals as it contains a mix of HIPAA and financial data.

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