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We specialize in detecting and identifying security risk for our clients. Protocol 46 is structured to provide Cyber and Physical Security Testing, Assessment, and Incident Response Teams (CP-START) to help clients with security challenges.  We focus on small and medium sized business (less than 500 employees) where we bring more than 100 cumulative years of pertinent military and public sector experience identifying and neutralizing risk.  We strongly believe in our mission and our motto, Own the Network, Own the Data.

What we do?

At Protocol 46 we care about the security of smaller businesses which are the backbone to the U.S. economy. It is the small and medium businesses that have to often decide between profitability and security. We partner with with small and medium business and provide affordable and innovative cyber security solutions. Protocol 46 offers assessments to identify security vulnerabilities on your organization’s computer network or in a product you manufacture. Assessments can be conducted using gentle, non-exploitative scans or a full out penetration test (mock hack) of your computer network.  Physical security walk through inspections of client facilities for identifying physical security risks are also available.

 Our Mission

Provide affordable holistic security assessment, testing, and incident response to improve the security of small and medium sized business by providing the tools necessary to combat threats to daily operations, operate through an attack on business systems, and compete more aggressively with competitors.

The Team

Chris_WheelerChris WheelerDirector of Operations
Chris Wheeler is the Director of Operations and one of the founding members, serving in this position since March 2015.  In the position as
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John_CarlsonJohn CarlsonDirector of Information Technology and Founding Member
John Carlson is the Director of Information Technology and one of the Founding members of Protocol 46.  He has served in this position since
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Dustin_KimmesDustin KimmesDeveloper in Research and Development
Dustin Kimmes works as a Developer in the Research and Development Department of Protocol 46. He started as an Intern in February 2015. Dust
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Gary_OlsonGary D. OlsonDirector of Human Resources
Gary Olson is our Director of Human Resources and one of the co-founders since March 2015.  In the position of Director, he oversees the Hum
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Zach_ToewsZach ToewsDeveloper in Research and Development
Zach Toews is a Research and Development intern at Protocol 46 since March 2015 and focuses on developing software at Protocol 46. Zach is a
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Eric_EbnerEric EbnerPresident and Founder+
Eric Ebner is the President and Founder of Protocol 46 as well as leading the Research and Development efforts as Director of Research and D
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Michele_McVenesMichele McVenesSales and Marketing+
Michele McVenes is the Director of Marketing and Sales and a co-founder of Protocol 46.  She has served in this position since March 2015.  
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Jay_SpreitzerJay SpreitzerChief Information Security Officer
Jay Spreitzer has over nine years in the financial sector, working on a Cyber Threat Intelligence team. In his role, he routinely researches
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Scott_SchueScott M. SchueChief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Scott Schue is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the Founders of Protocol 46.  As the CEO, he provides overall leadership of the entire
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