Welcome to Protocol 46

Our Principles

We are accountable for results and provide clarity and assurance of procedures, processes, and controls to improve the security of our Clients. We deliver meaningful outcomes to those we serve and use resources wisely. We embrace our client trust obligation to be independent and transparent. We are collaborative in approach and seek constructive and innovative solutions.

What We Do

We focus on medium and small-sized businesses (less than 500 employees) and bring more than 100 years of cumulative experience of pertinent military and public sector experience identifying and neutralizing risk. At Protocol 46, we partner with American businesses and provide them with affordable and innovative cyber security solutions. We offer assessments to identify security vulnerabilities on your organization’s computer network or in a product you manufacture. Walk-through inspections of your facilities for identifying physical security risks are also available. In addition to assessments, Protocol 46  provides a range of products to provide complete and comprehensive cyber security protection.

Our Mission

Protocol 46 endeavors to reduce loss, improve client asset protection, and greatly enhance client’s survivability and success by delivering an affordable, simple, holistic cyber security solution, enabling customers to understand and mitigate cyber risk.

Our Vision

Protocol 46 strives to rank first among our competitors in customer satisfaction and to become the number one provider of reliable, comprehensive cyber security for medium and small-sized businesses.

Our Team

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    Scott Schue, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Schue

Chief Executive Officer

Scott served in the Army, Air Force, and Minnesota National Guard, retiring as Director of Intelligence and Security, Joint Force HQ–MN. He has been a small business owner and a large corporate executive, giving him both a broad and deep view of business needs for cybersecurity.

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    Eric Ebner, Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Eric Ebner

Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Eric served with the Minnesota National Guard as a full-time intelligence analyst focused on impact of Cyber threats to Minnesota government and critical infrastructure. Eric created the proprietary Protocol 46 Platform. He provides vision and leadership on R&D initiatives and manages the daily operations of the our internal IT departments.

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    Matt Vatter, Chief Operations Officer

Matt Vatter

Chief Operations Officer

Matt’s Civilian and military career included positions in retail sales and management, franchise owner, training and development, military leadership positions from small unit to state headquarters level organizations culminating as the Director of Strategic Plans and Policy for the Minnesota National Guard where he helped to shape the cyber security training program for the Croatian Armed Forces.

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    Clay Wallace, Chief Operating Officer

Clay Wallace

Director of Special Operations

Clay provides the leadership and guidance for the organization’s business operations. He oversees the effectiveness of the organization by monitoring existing processes, creating strategies to improve productivity, and ensuring our existing and future services meet client needs. Additionally, he is responsible for management of inventory, facility layouts, and product distribution. Clay has had a long, distinguished military career as a US Army Infantry Officer, serving our nation for 28 years

  • Barry L. Schalkle, JD, CPA

    Barry L. Schalkle, Chief Financial Officer

Barry L. Schalkle, JD, CPA

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Barry provides the leadership and guidance for the organization’s financial operations. He is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results. Barry earned his Juris Doctorate (JD) from the University of North Dakota, and was awarded his CPA designation in January 1989 (inactive) and also served our nation as a US Army Criminal Investigator.

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    Brad Schmitz, Vice President of Sales

Brad Schmitz

Vice President of Sales

Brad specializes in sales and has led sales teams for more than 30 years. He adds sales expertise, team-building skills, and contacts to our developing sales team at Protocol 46. Brad also served for the United States Army and Air National Guard.

Our History

At Protocol 46 we may not have invented cyber security, but we did create a revolutionary system of cyber protection from top to bottom. To understand the foundation of Protocol 46 is to know what our company is passionate about and why. Colonel Scott Schue, as the Director of Intelligence and Security for the Minnesota National Guard was looking for the best Cyber Intel Analyst (CIA). Several people said the best was Eric Ebner, who Colonel Schue sought out and hired. Eric had honed his skills and learned the tell-tale signs of Cyber Warfare and the defenses that had to be in place to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. With this extensive knowledge Eric was also hired in civilian capacity to help secure the national power grid. While working there he furthered his knowledge assessing and mapping vulnerability of electrical and power grids against cyber-attacks. While Eric was excelling in the day to day tasks he had a drive to do more, wanting his work to have the greater purpose in helping more people. Eric envisioned a system that would defend and exterminate threats on a large level. About that time, Eric was asked by a friend, who owned a Minnesota based logistics and transit company, to check about irregularities within the company network. The company worked with big name clients and had manifests that showed in detail what companies were shipping and transporting, including moving sensitive articles such as prototypes and concepts for engineering firms.

Upon a look through the systems Eric knew instantly that the company had been a victim of a data breach. When Eric approached the owner to inform him of the breach, the owner responded with surprise. “Why us? We are a small business. I only have 11 employees. Why would anyone want to target us?” Eric’s friend didn’t understand the value of his data. Yes, they were just a small business, but the data they stored on their network was invaluable to the thief and the customers they serviced were the real targets. The thieves wanted the transportation company’s data as well as their client’s data. What the intruders had taken was worth more than just credit card numbers or bank accounts, while they took the data they also took that companies reputation, as each client had to be notified and the road to redemption was quite long. Luckily Eric had caught the intrusion quickly otherwise things may have not gone so well. With that Eric assembled a team, led by Colonel Schue, whose members’ expertise and a wide range of backgrounds would build the proactive, protective military grade cyber security product with one passion in mind – protecting American businesses, large, medium or small, their employees and customers, from cyber threats on their networks.

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